The unexplored beauty and the ancient grandeur of the Sigiriya Rock Kingdom, Sri Lanka.
Don Bosco Kotadeniyawa stationed the summer vacation and activities at Samanthalayaya, in the mysterious Sigiriya Rock Kingdom. Samanthalayaya is situated in an agricultural area surrounded by wide ranges of magnificent mountains and charming hills. It is averagely populated and blessed with people of noble heart. The summer camp started every day at 09.00 a.m. and conducted up to 05.00 p.m. There were 50 children animated by a very talented youth leaders. The ancient rhymes of the natives of Sigiriya had the opportunity to merge into the modern beauties of art, music, culture, English and number of creative youthful activities like swimming competitions in heavenly water cannels, water games, mountaineering, hunting, cooking, camp fire and the tour to the Cyclone’s earthly paradise Marble Beach at Trincomalee. The generosity of parents of children, Rev. Fr. Dilanka Dias the Parish Priest, benefactors and other well wishes brought a memorable and unforgettable summer experience to our children of the Rock Empire. Don Bosco Chinthanaloka climbed the ancient height of art, beauty, architecture and the wisdom of unknown civilizations still alive in front of us.