Is Christmas an absolutely passionate celebration of Christians? Or should we call it a sublime celebration of all peoples? Under the auspices of Rev. Fr. Pratheep, the parish priest of Badalgama, this year Christmas celebration of Don Bosco Chinthanaloka Oratories captures a unique and gripping blend of these two aspects. The celebration was held on 11th of December at Don Bosco Chinthanaloka, Kotadeniyawa at 03.00 p.m.
The atmosphere consisting of chief guests, parents and youngsters (numbering 350) felt a great sense of elation as the children set the tonality for the celebration. When children started staging their ceremonious performances, the audience broke into rapturous applause which became a performance-enhancing drug all through the celebration. The atmospheric setting of attractive stage, live crib, silver and gold trimmings, in support, displayed the attractive appearances of children more enchanting. Chief gusts moved the heart beats of children toward a bright future by inspiring words and prize distribution. It was the most prized moment for the children. The harmonious blending of Buddhist and Christian children permeated a noble feeling of fraternity among the children and people, and it gave a immanent value to the birth of Christ. For us Salesians it was a time of happiness, joy and evangelization. The way people conveyed their deep reverence for Don Bosco’s mission reached its culmination on this blissful day by their active participation and appreciation. The teaching of Don Bosco, emphasizing the love for and the salvation of the poor and the young, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, language, etc., assumed a new meaning on this day.