Report of the Education Tour
10th of March was a long awaited day at Don Bosco Chinthanaloka for its educational tour to Sigiriya and its vicinities. This day was eventful dawn to dusk. The trip to the rock fortress of the ancient king started at half past five in the morning. On reaching the foot of the rock the guide gave us a general orientation about the place, its historical context and various other technicalities. The students marvelled at the amazing feet of architecture displaying various defences of the rock fortress. On reaching the lion’s paw; the remains of the once majestic entrance to the fortress a top the rock, the ancient grandeur of the olden days seem to come before the eyes of the beholder. After the hard and steep climbing the ancient paintings and its beauty were seen. Still further on a yet steeper journey the students reached the top and enjoyed the splendid view of the vicinity which once the royal family had. The ruins still stand to tell the tale of the once magnificent king kasiappan and his downfall. On foot of the rock mount is a museum set up by the archaeological department which gives a lot of information that one might miss on the way to the top. This part of the trip took the whole of the morning hours, then after a brief lunch the trip resumed. The next destination was Hotel “Heritance Kandlama” a modern feet of architecture by the renounced architect Jeffery Baba who also designed the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The speciality of this hotel is the display of the blend between modernity and nature. The Hotel is built to merge with the environment and in no way harming it. This attracts a lot of visitors and customers. After a short visit the group proceeded to the Namal Uyana; the beauty of Sri Lankan Geographic setting. The Pink Rock Mountains and the Ironwood forest nesting it was a spectacular sight and a marvellous experience to the students, most of whom loved to trek through the forest and the mountains beyond it. The trip ended in Ironwood forest and all had a sense of fulfilment. The students and the college community as a whole are grateful to all those who in every way made it possible to have such a wonderful trip.