On 28th April 2018 Don Bosco Chinthanaloka had one day workshop on “Transitional Justice Process and Reconciliation” This Programme was held under the patronage of the National Peace Council (NPC) of Sri Lanka. The Main feature of the workshop was the presentation on the theme: The Transitional Justice Process and How it is Relevant to Sri Lanka. The Resource persons of the workshop were Mr. Ruki Fernando, an activist of reconciliation process in the post war Sri Lanka and Miss. Shashini Nadeera, a programme presenter. Transitional Justice is efforts to address a legacy of large scale human rights abuses that cannot be fully addressed by existing judicial and non judicial structures. Government responses have included criminal prosecutions, truth commissions, reparations, gender justice, security system reform, memorialisation and other reconciliation efforts. It was a privileged moment to reflect sincerely on the importance of truth seeking. In situations of mass conflict it is usually true that nobody really knows the full truth of what has happened. Some know what took place in one area, or through the experience of one group, or during one time period. It is a great challenge to try to find out what happened on a broad scale. And the thousands of victims have a right to be assisted as the government whose duty it was to protect them has failed in that duty. In this light all the participants took part in an active manner through interactions and group discussions. Mr. Ruki used his creative methods to explain to the participants the need for Transitional Justice Process in the post war scenario of Sri Lanka. Some of the mistaken notions of the post war scenario were answered. Many young religious who took part were inspired. The students expressed their gratitude to the NPC and Don Bosco Chinthanaloka for having conducted such a meaningful workshop which is relevant.