STRENNA 2020 Presentation of the theme " Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" (Mt 6,10) " GOOD CHRISTIANS AND UPRIGHT CITIZENS"

There was a stairway near the large market of Porta Palazzo where the young people sat to laugh, joke and have a snack. Don Bosco goes to meet them there. There "outside", where they find themselves normally. He doesn't have a lecture, he simply offers his friendship. Don Bosco possessed nothing, only his great heart, which revealed itself in the unforgettable look: "What stood out in Don Bosco the most was his eyes, sweet but very penetrating, to the depths of the heart, which he could hardly resist staring at" testified an old student. The poster is a page from the "Gospel according to Don Bosco": Jesus called a child, put him in their midst and said: "I assure you that if you do not change and do not become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of God. This child, that is the greatest in the kingdom of God. And who, for my sake, welcomes a child like this, welcomes me "(Mt 18, 1-5). Don Bosco is all here. He has the same eyes and the same heart as Jesus. He had a conviction about young people: "This portion is the most delicate and most precious of human society, on which the hopes of a happy future are based" . It is his decisive choice: "You are the most important part of my day", "You are special, and you mean a lot to me" he tells the young people he meets. Imagine, finally, that two people are talking to each other about their inner lives. It is in this daily dynamic that the personality of young people is built, it is there that there is the heart of the educational process that succeeds in forming "good Christians and honest citizens"! His goal is simple and immense: "I want young people to be happy in time and in eternity". In the poster, at the top of the staircase there is an open door. It is the door of the house of Don Bosco, the door of the church and the door of life. Today, young people often find only closed doors. Don Bosco wants them to have open doors. Those of a future and a happy and responsible life, those of a mature and satisfying faith, those of joy, solidarity, free creativity. This is why the Salesian Family exists..